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The Top 46 Rustic Bathroom Ideas

The Top 46 Rustic Bathroom Ideas

“For marriage to be a success, every woman and every man should have her and his own bathroom. The end.”  –  Catherine Zeta-Jones

Rustic bathroom ideas look so appealing with their comfortable aesthetic and welcoming bathroom decor. They look like a place you want to go into and settle in, which is just what you want when creating a relaxing space in your bathroom. This design theme can look great in a variety of home architectural designs. You can also adapt it to be as rustic as you want. 

These ideas will help you get inspired to create the perfect rustic bathroom in your home.

1. Boho

Add bohemian touches to your rustic style bathroom for a touch of color. These two design themes blend well together because they both embrace imperfect and handmade items. Bring like to your bathroom design by choosing pieces from exotic parts of the world.

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Don’t be afraid to mix and match decorative pieces. You could have an ornate but old-looking chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Hang a handmade tapestry as your shower curtain. Spread a hand-woven rug on the floor. Use one-of-a-kind art pieces that you have picked up during your travels as the decor.

2. Brick

Exposed brick in your rustic bathroom is a great way of adding subtle texture and detail without looking like your bathroom is falling apart. Salvaged or reclaimed bricks have an old and worn look but also portray a sense of strength and stability. Look at rustic bathroom decor ideas to get an idea of how to use rustic brick in your bathroom.

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Keep in mind that rustic bricks have texture and micro-holes and crevices. These are all places where moisture can gather, and mildew and bacteria can thrive. Therefore, it’s best not to use rustic brick in your shower where the moisture content is high. Instead, consider using it as your backsplash or on another decorative wall in the bathroom outside of the shower.

3. Cabin

You can’t get more rustic than a wood cabin, which makes it a great option for the interior design aesthetic for your bathroom. The easiest way to do this is by mimicking the look of an all-wood log cabin by adding wood paneling to your bathroom walls. Don’t make the mistake of using just generic wood paneling, though. Instead, you want to choose something that would make your walls look like they are actually made of wood.

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If you aren’t ready to cover the walls in wood paneling, there are many other rustic bathroom ideas, use it in other creative ways. Try adding wood paneling to the ceiling instead of the walls. Keep the wood on the ceiling a light shade to help the space feel light and bright without closing it in like a dark wood line.

4. Coastal

Rustic design and coastal decor don’t typically go together. However, you can accomplish this combination with careful planning and a balance of each aesthetic. Try adding driftwood elements. This wood has been out in the saltwater for so long that it is aged, weathered, faded, and surprisingly lightweight.

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Another way you can add rustic touches to your coastal bathroom is by making things look weathered. Have a wood vanity that you apply a whitewash treatment to. Choose materials that you would typically find at the coast and give them an age to feel. For example, you could have a light-colored canvas as your bathroom curtain and then use an old school boat line made of Fibers as the loops that hold the shower curtain to the shower curtain rod.

5. Cottage or Country

Caught it rustic bathroom design is slightly different from farmhouse or cabin rustic. The country cottage is sweeter in its appeal with more pastel colors, florals, and delicate materials. For example, if your bathroom has a tub, opt for something a little more delicate and feminine instead of using farmhouse materials. It could be a floral fabric design or a delicate lace with a liner.

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This type of aesthetic is perfect for adding handmade items. You could have a handmade bathmat in front of the shower. Or perhaps you have embroidered towels hung on the towel rod.

6. Dark

If you appreciate the rustic appeal but find it to be to farmhouse or country cottage for your tastes, then consider giving your rustic bathroom an industrial touch. This will darken the aesthetic of the rustic feel and give it a more masculine and harder edge.

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To accomplish this in your bathroom, you could make the floor raw concrete and then seal it so that moisture does not soak through the concrete and cause foundational issues in your bathroom. Add touches to the bathroom that you would normally find in a commercial setting; perhaps you use open-face lockers to hang towels in a shared bathroom. You could have an industrial-style fan and lighting system that has wire cages around the lights and fan.

7. Decor

When using rustic bathroom decor, look for pieces that are not brand new. They should not have a sleek or sophisticated feel to them. Worn handmade or re-purposed items are best. These have authentic aging to them that gives them a rustic appeal.

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Be careful with new rustic decor. These are pieces that you would buy from an in-home improvement store or other modern home decor store. They look rustic but actually are brand new. The faux rustic finish on them almost gives them an inauthentic feel, which, when added to your home, makes your home look fake rustic. This makes it look like you’re trying too hard to achieve the rustic feel, and it backfires.

8. Farmhouse

The obvious option that most people choose is a farmhouse bathroom when they want a rustic aesthetic. It’s a natural choice as farmhouse style is easy to achieve. Add a shiplap wall and leave it bare wood or paint it white. Use a salvaged piece of furniture that is easily converted into a vanity. Add concrete or stone to the top. Place a tray sink on the top or add an apron front sink.

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Keep things simple with a white and wood color scheme. Or add some softness to the bathroom by choosing a pale alternative. A pale sage color can look perfect. Cream is also a good color because it adds a touch of warmth.

9. Industrial

Make a statement with your rustic and industrial bathroom. Add metal elements that have a black finish. Even better, look for durable iron elements that are black. These add an authentic touch. It could be in the lighting fixture, the plumbing fixtures, the towel rod, or the supports for a floating shelf.

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Add concrete elements in unexpected ways. You could have a concrete sink, vanity countertop, or shower walls. Add other industrial elements, like corrugated metal as a wall covering. Use Edison bulbs that don’t have a shade.

10. Luxury

Give your luxury master bathroom a rustic flair by adding elements that are high-end but worn. This is best accomplished by visiting vintage and antique shops that would have high-quality pieces at affordable prices. You could replace your vanity with an elegant busing table or converted dresser. This would be a high-end piece with delicate decoration in ornamentation, but it’s probably seen somewhere and tear through the decades of use.

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Add metal elements that have a worn look to them. Hang a chandelier with a worn gold finish. Or you could replace the vanity lighting with Fixtures taken from another home that has since been salvaged.

11. Modern

Modern rustic bathroom ideas can be hard to come by. This is because these two design aesthetics are polar opposite from each other. A modern bathroom is going to have high-quality brand new construction materials with no signs of wear and tear or age. Rustic bathrooms have signs of wear and tear, are not perfect, and don’t have clean lines the way a modern bathroom would.

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If you have your heart set on both of these design aesthetics, it’s best to choose one and then add touches or accents of the other. This way, the two design themes don’t directly compete with each other. You could have a modern bathroom, and you add rustic bathroom lighting. Hang a pendant light that has a re-purposed or salvaged lampshade around the bulb.

See more modern bathroom ideas here.

12. Neutral

The perfect thing about a neutral bathroom is adding rustic touches that blend perfectly with your neutral color scheme. This works well in a master bath where you want something a little nicer but also embodies the rustic aesthetic. You can do this by keeping your rustic elements that are from nature. Perhaps you have a rustic stone floor. Or you could create a river rocks floor to your shower.

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Choose your neutral colors carefully. They should add warmth and softness to the bathroom. They should not make your bathroom look dingy, dark, or dirty.

13. Small

A small bathroom is a perfect place to create a rustic aesthetic. You don’t have a lot of space, which is standard for bathrooms in rustic places. Don’t try to overload the space by doing all of the small rustic bathroom ideas you see. It works better to choose a couple of design elements that you love and feature them.

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It can also help to scale down the design elements. Instead of choosing a large dresser for the vanity, opt for a smaller one. You may also be able to add more expensive elements. Perhaps you love a particular type of stone. If you had a larger bathroom, you wouldn’t be able to use it. However, in your small bathroom, it’s right within your budget.

14. Stone

A stone wall made from randomly shaped natural stones is the perfect way to give your bathroom a rustic feel. Unlike wood, you can use your stones anywhere in the bathroom. Try using them to create your shower floor and walls. Hide a boring built-in tub by building a stone enclosure around it.

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Consider the type, shape, and size of the stone you plan to use. The less uniform they are, the better off you will be. This will give it a less polished look and one that is more rustic.

15. Vanity

Skip the floating vanity for your rustic bathroom. Instead, find an old piece of wood furniture. Convert it into your vanity. You could refinish the surface or leave it wood to shine through. Finish the top of your rustic vanity with durable material. This could be a varnish that seals the wooden vanity. The only exception is if you could find a reclaimed or salvaged piece of wood that’s thick and large. Then you could mount it as a large floating shelf that also acts as the vanity.

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Your rustic bathroom vanity is an opportunity to add a bit of flash to your bathroom. Choose a beautiful piece of marble for the vanity top. Leave the edge unfinished for a raw touch. Upgrade the hardware on the furniture piece to something shiny, like metal or fancy stones.

16. White

White helps your rustic bathroom look clean and fresh. However, you don’t have to commit to a perfectly white vanity or walls. Try adding a rustic touch to your white furniture. Age the white by gently sanding the edges where people would naturally rub against and bump into the furniture. This gives it a rustic wood feel.

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You could also add rustic furniture, like a wood bench or stool, to the bathroom. A whitewashed cabinet could give you much-needed additional storage space.

17. Wood

Adding reclaimed wood to your rustic bathroom is a great way of achieving the rustic aesthetic. Salvaged and reclaimed wood are taken from previous construction and building projects and re-used in a new way. This gives it an immediate aged and worn look that is perfect for rustic charm.

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You may not want to use wood as the floor because its rough surface could be uncomfortable to walk on, and the Ron nature of the wood would allow it to soak up too much water, which would cause it to swell and shrink, creating gaps in your floor. Instead, you could make A wooden wall that acts as an accent in your bathroom. This is good if you have lots of thin planks that you can place against the wall to act as a covering. A long skinny piece could be a towel rack. A wide flat piece could be a floating shelf.