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The Top 44 Home Office Ideas

The Top 44 Home Office Ideas

Working from home has — for many people — become the new norm. And while this change is preferred by some workers more than others, no one can argue the benefit of having a dedicated office space at the ready.

Getting work done isn’t just about having a functional space. If you neglect the design aspect of your home office, you’re giving up on what keeps you productive on even the hardest days.

The home office ideas below will help you curate the perfect atmosphere for your personal workspace.

1. Attic

Wondering what to do with your home’s attic space? If your attic is finished (or you have the means to do so), then it might just make the perfect home office.

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An attic office benefits from being partially secluded from the rest of the house. This is great if you prefer a quiet, uninterrupted workplace or need a certain level of privacy to perform your job.

When planning out your attic office space, be sure to include plenty of lighting. Natural light from a skylight or window is ideal — especially true if your desk has a scenic view. But even a soft lamp will help prevent eye strain.


2. Bedroom

Working from home presents all sorts of problems in terms of balancing productivity and personal time. So if you’re going to convert a bedroom into a part-time home office, it’s important to pay close attention to how you prioritize the space.

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Select a desk and office chair that match your existing bedroom decor. Your home office setup should flow into the rest of your bedroom design. Not clash with it.

You should never sacrifice comfort — physical or mental — when adding a workspace to your bedroom. If it takes buying a writing desk with a lid to keep your mind off work tasks at night, so be it. It’s not worth giving up a peaceful night’s sleep!


3. Built-In

Many contemporary home office ideas revolve around built-in furniture. These setups can help conserve valuable square footage and offer a more elegant finish than traditional home office furniture.

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A built-in desk and shelving will make the most of a small space under a staircase or a converted closet. While simple is often best in terms of permanent home installations, be sure your office design includes adequate storage.

Of course, opting for built-in office furniture means sacrificing the ability to easily update or rearrange your home decor. Play it safe with neutral furniture that won’t look dated in a few years’ time.


4. Closet or Corner

Setting up a home office in a closet or other unused space is an extremely common scenario. After all, few homeowners have a spare room at the ready for a computer desk and filing cabinet.

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Start by treating your new home office as an independent space. Select furniture and decorative accents with a cohesive style and color palette.

While converting a corner of your home into an office can feel like a harsh compromise, a little work will turn it into a fully functional workspace. Seemingly small details like painting the wall behind your desk or hanging a few pieces of art can make a world of difference.


5. Desk

You can’t have a home office without a desk. There’s nothing wrong with using whatever is at your disposal. But investing in a nice piece of furniture can really make your work area feel like a bona fide office.

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Yet you shouldn’t completely ignore the practicality of your office desk. Ensure there’s plenty of room for your computer and any other necessary supplies.

Don’t forget the little things like cable management when choosing a new desk. As for storage, more is always better. You can supplement your chosen desk with cabinets and shelving if needed.


6. Feminine

Society tends to equate masculine decor with professionalism. But it’s entirely possible to create a professional-looking space using traditionally feminine home office ideas.

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One of the simplest ways to give your workspace a feminine touch is with a soft color palette. White is an excellent base color but you can also start your office redesign with cream, grey, or beige walls.

Include furniture made of natural wood or metal for depth and variety. Invest in a comfortable chair and adequate lighting in the form of a hanging fixture or modern desk lamp. Potted plants are an excellent way to add warmth while maintaining a semi-formal atmosphere.


7. Industrial

If you like a bit of eccentricity in your home decor, trying to create an office space that feels like “you” can be hard. Industrial design is the perfect way to infuse some personality into your workspace without losing its professionalism.

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Look for furniture and decor featuring raw materials like reclaimed lumber, cast iron pipes, and exposed wiring. If it’s reminiscent of an old warehouse or barn, it will fit right in with the industrial aesthetic.

Dark colors will make the space feel more mature. If your home features architectural elements like brick walls or wood paneling, be sure to highlight these unique textures in your office design.


8. Living Room

Is placing an office in your living room ideal? Probably not. But don’t give up on the possibility of a stylish, professional home office just yet.

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On the one hand, your work area should be physically separate from the rest of your living room. You can achieve this by placing your desk in an isolated corner or setting up a privacy screen around the space.

On the other hand, it should still blend in with the living room at large. Borrow design elements from your living room such as color scheme and furniture style. When an office area coordinates with the rest of the room, it’s less likely to be on your mind when the workday has ended.


9. Masculine

Forget the old boys’ club. Masculine office decor doesn’t need to feel dated. It’s easy to give your home office a contemporary edge if you know which details to pay attention to.

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Color palette is important in any space. For a masculine office that’s both fresh and inviting, stick to dark, muted shades. Charcoal grey is an excellent paint color — start with an accent wall if you’re worried about the space feeling too heavy.

Select office furniture made of rich wood or leather upholstery. Limit artwork and decor to just a few of your favorite pieces. But don’t be afraid to go big with an oversized print or quirky light fixture!


10. Room

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11. Scandinavian

Scandinavian design includes more than the inventory at your local IKEA (though the furniture retailer certainly takes inspiration from this decor trend). While it has roots in modern interior design, Scandinavian decor focuses more on functionality and organic elements.

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Fill your home office with white, black, and other neutrals. You can introduce some warmth and softness with light wood grain, potted plants, and woven textiles.

Opt for minimalist furniture that doesn’t sacrifice functional storage space. Hang a floating shelf over your home office desk to hold decor without cluttering up your work surface. Artwork depicting natural images like plants or wildlife pairs perfectly with the Scandinavian aesthetic.


12. Small

A small home office is never going to feel like an executive suite. But don’t let that stop you from making the most of your private workspace.

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Lighting can make a big difference in any small home office. Do what you can to place your desk near an exterior window — rearrange the entire room if necessary. Mirrors will amplify any natural light and create the illusion of extra space.

The best small home office ideas feature white walls (or another light color) and low-contrast furniture. Visual clutter will make the room feel claustrophobic. Invest in plenty of storage to keep office supplies out of sight.


13. Space Saving

There are times when even the most compact office desk just won’t cut it. If you’re trying to incorporate a versatile workspace into your master bedroom or living room, consider investing in multipurpose furniture.

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Pull- and fold-out desks are becoming increasingly popular in home office design. A wall-mounted secretary desk is ideal for anyone who spends most of their time in front of a laptop. You can even find Murphy bed frames with built-in desk space!

One major obstacle in designing a convertible workspace is the office chair. Be sure to select a chair that folds up for storage or is stylish enough to serve as an accent chair when not in use.


14. Storage

If mess and clutter stop your productivity in its tracks, you’re definitely not alone. Designing a home office space with adequate storage can have a huge impact on the functionality and aesthetic of your work area.

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There’s a saying that a room’s “inventory” should never exceed the available storage. The more items in your home office, the more important ample storage space is to the overall design.

Storage comes in all shapes and sizes. Include cabinets, shelving, and drawers in your desk setup wherever possible. Pegboards work wonderfully for keeping small items and notes in sight yet out of the way.