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The Top 29 Garage Storage Ideas

The Top 29 Garage Storage Ideas

Take a walk around the average neighborhood and you’re unlikely to find two garages that look alike. Some homeowners use their garage space for vehicle storage. Some turn the space into a rec room. And others convert it into a professional-level workshop.

What do all of these hypothetical garages have in common? They all need plenty of storage space to look and function their best!

Not all garage storage solutions are built the same. So keep reading for the top garage storage ideas to try out in your own space.

1. Bike Storage

Biking is good for your health, the environment, and sometimes even your wallet. But when you’re not cycling to and from work or the local park, it’s important to have a secure and practical place to store your gear.

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Wall-mounted bike racks are the simplest and most common solution to this problem. If your garage features a high ceiling (or you own a short car), a ceiling rack may also be an option.

Creating a DIY bike storage rack is easy and affordable. You can repurpose hanging tool storage for your bicycle and accessories. Or construct a simple wooden shelf to keep your bike off the floor and out of the way.

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2. Cabinet

Do you think garage storage cabinets are reserved for professional craftsmen or DIY mechanics? While it’s true not everyone has the need for full-size cabinetry, there’s really no better way to keep your stuff clean and organized.

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Cabinets have a leg up on other garage storage ideas like shelves or bins. Not only will they keep tools and supplies exactly where you want them. But they will also keep everything dust-free (a must for woodworkers and the like!).

If your garage remodel is on a budget, consider repurposing cabinets from a previous home project. Old kitchen cabinets work just as well as brand new ones. It might just take a coat of protective paint to get the look you want!

3. Car

The ideal garage for storing any beloved car is clean and free of clutter. After all, the last thing you want is to accidentally scratch the vehicle on a set of sawhorses or a recycling bin!

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Depending on your car collection, a single-stall garage may not cut it. If you live somewhere with mild weather, supplement the available storage space with a covered carport. Or convert a large shed into a protective garage for your less-driven models.

There’s one final way to store more than one car in your average-sized garage — a parking lift. Parking lifts essentially let you stack multiple vehicles in a single stall. Of course, only one can be driven out without lowering the lift.

4. DIY

There are plenty of modular and custom-built garage storage systems on the market. While there’s a time and place for these solutions, there’s also nothing wrong with taking things into your own hands.

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With a bit of lumber and a basic understanding of woodworking, a DIY shelving unit can be a simple weekend project. It’s easy to customize the finished project to suit your needs. And there’s no need for stain or paint (unless you want to give everything a clean look).

Need somewhere to work? Include space for a functional workbench in your new garage shelving or repurpose an old desk and chair. Use a wooden pegboard or wall-mounted shelves for extra overhead storage.

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5. Hanging

If you want to make garage organization a priority, then it’s best not to let a single inch of potential storage space go to waste. That applies to your garage floor as well as the surrounding walls.

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Hanging shelves are the best way to keep plastic bins out of the way. Look for a garage storage system with add-ons like hooks and baskets for small items. Use bungee cords to secure sports equipment and other awkwardly shaped objects.

Most residential garages have limited floor space. But what about all of that space above your head? An overhead storage rack is the perfect place to stow holiday decorations and other seasonal items while leaving the prime real estate for everyday essentials.

6. Organization

Adequate storage is nothing without an effective garage organization strategy. Ensuring everything in your garage has a “home” will make it easier to stay organized in the future.

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A pegboard is a wonderful spot for small tools that will just get lost in a cabinet or drawer. There’s no shortage of available attachments, so you can store literally anything with even the most basic pegboard.

Remember that the label maker is your friend, especially when using opaque storage bins or drawers. Spend the time to label everything at the start. Or you’ll regret it when it comes time to complete your next big project!

7. Shelves

If you’re going to install one shelf, you might as well install several. Prioritize space for your most-used items within easy reach. Seasonal items can go on the top shelves — pulling out the ladder isn’t a big deal if it’s only once in a while.

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Shelving alone won’t always be enough. Use individual totes and other garage organization ideas to keep everything looking neat and tidy.

Invest in a shelving unit with adjustable heights for the most versatility. With this type of storage system, you can easily move shelves up or down to accommodate large or awkward items. Some systems even make it possible to add more shelves in the future.

8. Wall

Chances are, your garage has a lot of empty wall space. So why not put that space to good use with these vertical garage storage ideas?

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Slat wall storage systems work like giant pegboards. These systems are compatible with various removable shelves, hooks, baskets, and other solutions to make storing practically anything in your garage simple and convenient.

Wall-mounted storage is a wonderful investment if your home is prone to flooding or you work with liquids in your garage. Items hung from your garage wall won’t be damaged by potential spills or rainwater — the same can’t be said for boxes and other clutter sitting on the ground.

9. Workshop

Having storage built into your main work surface will ensure your must-have tools and supplies are always within reach. This is true whether you’re a crafter, woodworker, or private mechanic.

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A large work area is tempting but don’t let all of that space succumb to day-to-day garage clutter. It’s better to have a small, well-organized workshop than more space than you know what to do with.

If you like to take the workstation to your project rather than vice-versa, be sure to invest in a bench with sturdy casters. Locking wheels will keep your work surface safely in one place when you need it.