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34 Practical Garage Shelving Ideas

34 Practical Garage Shelving Ideas

Storage is a must, no matter whether you live in a tiny apartment or a big house – the more space you have, the more storage you need!

And it never seems to be enough! You must choose your storage options wisely, and optimize the space, so that it is efficient and easy to access.

There are several storage options, varying from wall mounted to ceiling shelves, overhead shelves or pegboards, cabinets, racks with casters, or even DIY projects like wooden racks and shelves, that you can easily make and customize to your specific needs.

1. Bike Shelf

One good example for storage is this bike shelf. It is placed at a comfortable height, so youngsters have no trouble reaching their bikes, whereas the top shelf is very useful for keeping toolboxes and other items.

Source: @beauplacelikehome via Instagram


2. Ceiling Mounted

Source: @proslatgarage via Instagram

If there’s no extra room in your garage for bikes, consider this ceiling mounted bike storage solution. It’s a great option, especially because you can store several bikes, as you can see in the picture.

The support is not difficult to install, you only have to make sure your garage ceiling is high enough to store adult bikes, without blocking your car.


3. DIY

Wall shelves are an excellent solution.

The upper shelves can be used for storage, whereas the lower shelf doubles as storage and workstation. This leaves you room on the floor for more storage, or even a chair to work comfortably.

Source: @visionsfrommyfrontporch via Instagram

If you have several tools, consider this option: keep all your tools organized on the wall, with designated support bins so that you don’t lose anything!

Note that the lower shelf is actually a workstation, with enough room for storage underneath. Do not forget to install several switches preferably above the workstation, so that you can use the space underneath for storage, without having cables on the way.


4. Metal

These racks are ideal if you have a lot to store and some usable space, so that you don’t need to limit your storage to wall shelves. These metal racks are a great solution; they are flexible (you can choose different heights) and easy to clean.

Source: @gariesgirl via Instagram

Metal wall racks are a great idea, since they do not take up too much space.

Source: @igotyou.dmv via Instagram

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Source: @simplyluxeorganizing via Instagram

Note that by using transparent boxes, you will keep the area organized, and still have a full view of your items. If you choose colored bins, organize the space by labeling them.


5. Organizer

Your garage and storage space can look clean and tidy. It’s all a matter of organizing the storage in a way that it is easy to access and find stuff, as well as to maintain.

This example below is a great solution: use one color only for the bins, and label them. No matter if you put additional bins on top, it will always look like a tidy, well-planned space. No more clutter lying around is a possible dream!

Source: via Instagram

This is a more colorful option: labeled bins of different colors give the space an informal look, and the adjustable shelves offer an excellent solution to store different sized items.

Source: @everythinglabeled via Instagram

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Storage spaces must be practical, easy to use… and beautiful. Yes, beautiful… why not?

This is an excellent solution: tools neatly organized on the wall, whereas the cabinet allows you to keep your items behind closed doors. Note that it functions as a mudroom, for you to keep boots, coats, hats, backpacks and sporting equipment, all set and ready to go!


6. Overhead

Source: @livyludecorates via Instagram

Source: @she.builds.perfectly.imperfect via Instagram

This is another excellent garage shelving solution: overhead shelving gives you plenty of room for storage, and it is completely out of your way.


7. Pegboard

Nothing more flexible and adaptable than pegboards for storage solutions. It allows you to keep all your tools at hand, and at the same time perfectly organized, so you don’t lose anything. Easy to use and easy to maintain, the adjustable pins are great for the tools and crafts, sport items or even school materials.

Source: @ellemennopegboards via Instagram


8. Small

No matter the size of your space, you can still optimize it by using tiny shelves, as in the example below. Even though the shelves are not large at all, it is possible to store tools as big as drilling machines.

Source: @thewoodpastor via Instagram

Plastic shelves are a practical, cheap solution that offer versatility, for they come in various colors and sizes, are adjustable and you can add extra shelves as necessary.

Have you thought of using kitchen or aluminum cabinets as storage units in your garage? Give your space an industrial look! Aluminum cabinets give your garage an industrial and very modern vibe!

These cabinets  are really multi purpose, for they can be used in kitchens, storage rooms, laundry or mudrooms.

Some are very affordable, and it might be the best option in case you don’t want open shelving. The drawers allow you to keep smaller items out of sight, so that your garage has a permanent tidy look.


9. Tools

When you are working on a home improvement project, you really don’t want to search for tools or any item you might need. Keeping them organized on the wall allows for easy access, and it is very easy to maintain – just hang them back, and that’s it!

This example in the picture is very affordable, too. Simply install a plywood and some nails, and you’re all set!


10. Wall Mounted

These metal shelves mounted on the wall might be all you need to keep your stuff tidy and with easy access.

You may want to install a plywood over a metal shelf and turn it into a workstation. Use your imagination to explore the many possibilities of wall mounted storage solutions!

Source: @builditthrifty via Instagram


11. Wood

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Source: @trooperjoe73 via Instagram

If you love carpentry, building a storage wood unit might be fun, and an excellent option for your garage! See the examples below for more sophisticated to simpler solutions, all of them affordable and neat!