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20 Garage Paint Ideas to Consider

20 Garage Paint Ideas to Consider

“The garage is the space for the hacker, the tinkerer, the maker. The garage is not defined by a single field or industry; instead, it is defined by the eclectic interests of its inhabitants. It is a space where intellectual networks converge.” -Steven Johnson

It doesn’t matter what you enjoy most about your garage—it only matters that this essential room suits your specific needs and interests. While some people don’t give a lot of thought to garage interior design, your style ideas and color choices can really impact how good you feel in this most productive of all spaces.

Garage paint ideas are nearly limitless. Whether you’re sprucing up your garage floor, garage cabinets, or the walls, choosing the right color is essential. Scroll through our favorite garage paint ideas and get inspiration for creating your own dream garage.

1. Blue

Around the world, blue ranks first as people’s favorite color. It’s easy to see why. From pale denim to deep cobalt, blue brings the peaceful beauty of sky and sea indoors. Cool blue is one of the best paint colors for all your garage walls, or just concentrated on one accent wall.

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Various epoxy coating and concrete floor staining techniques can make your garage floor look like a pool of water or a swirly, marbled sea. Blue is also a popular background color for speckled epoxy floor coating. 

2. Design

When working out garage design and color ideas, choose colors that complement each other. Install upgraded light fixtures before deciding on the best paint color for your space. This way, you ensure that the color ideas you choose will look exactly as you hoped in the completed garage.

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Get creative when choosing your garage wall paint and garage floor paint colors and techniques. Use masking tape to block off large areas and patterns that you paint a different color. If you have beautiful cars to show off, make your garage floors as glossy and reflective as possible for a professional looking showroom.

3. DIY

Except for complicated concrete staining plans and epoxy floor treatments, most garage wall and floor renovations are excellent do-it-yourself projects. Once you decide on a garage wall paint color, choose coordinating interlocking garage floor tiles. Stick to one color for a minimalist approach, or use a multicolored checkerboard pattern.

This impressive garage wall paint job can be completed in a few days without spending a lot of cash. Click to see how you can create a two-tone garage wall finish with an accent stripe:

4. Door

The garage door is a big, blank canvas. It can take up to one third of your home’s front exterior, so choosing the right garage door color is essential for good curb appeal.

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Resist the temptation to match your garage door paint with the paint on your front door. The front door should be the focal point of your home’s façade, so paint the garage door a color that blends in with the siding and roofing. 

When possible, choose a garage door that has window panels at the top. This will help brighten your garage interior when the door is closed.

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5. Epoxy

An epoxy garage floor not only looks fantastic, it’s a durable, easy-to-clean surface. Unlike plain concrete—which stains easily—an epoxy floor will remain looking new for years to come.

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Epoxy color combinations and patterns are virtually limitless and you can be sure to find one that looks amazing with your garage wall finishes. Various shades of grey in granite-like textures are the most common epoxy floor style.

6. Floor

Plain concrete is the most common type of garage flooring, but there’s no reason to settle for something so dull. Interior latex paint cannot be used on the floor, but floor paint is an easy DIY way to add some life to a boring garage.

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Interlocking rubber garage floor tiles are great for creating a checkerboard effect, but you can also achieve the same effect by masking off squares and painting.

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7. Grey

Everyone’s new favorite neutral, grey is a natural hue for garage paint and flooring. It fades into the background, allowing your vehicle collection or hobby areas to be the focal point of the garage.

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A dark color like charcoal grey is a dramatic color choice next to a bright pop of red or orange. A lighter shade of grey provides a more neutral color palette, perfect if you enjoy more monochromatic interiors. However, light colors show dirt and grime more than mid-tone color ideas.

8. Red

Because red is such a powerful color option, it’s ideal as a strong main color or accent color in the garage. The ubiquitous red mechanic tool boxes provide a dash of red in your garage decor as well.

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Add more red on your cabinet doors, or paint a wide candy apple red accent stripe around the room. A glossy red painted floor is another dramatic way to inject this favorite color.

9. Small

A small garage can look just as impressive as a large one. If you want the garage to feel roomier, keep clutter and details to a minimum. Note that horizontal lines and checkerboard floors will make the room seem larger.

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White paint and other pale wall colors will make a small garage feel more spacious than a darker color scheme. Ground the space by painting the floor a dark hue, and add adequate lighting to brighten the space.

10. Wall

Is your dream garage an exciting, vibrant space, or a quiet place to create? The garage wall paint colors you choose will have the biggest impact on whether your new garage revs you up or calms you down. 

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The best paint color ideas for an energizing garage fall on the warmer end of the rainbow. Choose garage paint in bright shades of red, yellow, or orange. If your dream garage is a relaxing space where creativity calmly flows, choose cooler color ideas. All shades of blue and green are suitable, as well as most shades of grey and earth tones.

Garage Paint Types

How do you know which type of paint to use for your garage paint ideas? Use this mini-glossary as a guideline.

  • Acrylic paint: Made from acrylic resins suspended in a water base. Offers easy clean-up. Good for murals and decorative purposes.
  • Exterior paint: Includes additives that allow it to withstand extreme weather conditions. It also protects against UV fading, mold, and mildew.
  • Epoxy paint: Originally designed for industrial purposes, epoxy paint has excellent water resistance and durability. Great for garage floor upgrades.
  • Floor paint: Super durable paint that can withstand foot and vehicle traffic without scratching or chipping. A must when repainting a garage floor.
  • Interior paint: More delicate than exterior paint, but can be easily wiped clean. Made with chemicals that are safer for breathing in enclosed spaces.
  • Latex paint: Water based paint that usually has vinyl or acrylic resins instead of actual latex. The most common type of paint.
  • Oil paint: Has an oil base instead of water. Oil based paint is more durable than latex acrylic paint but requires chemicals for clean-up. Great for doors, trim, and furniture.
  • Primer: Not technically a paint, but an important foundation for most painting projects. Primer binds paint to the surface and extends its life.
  • Stain: A transparent or semi-transparent finish applied to wood that enhances its grain and protects it from damage.