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The Top 39 Garage Door Ideas

The Top 39 Garage Door Ideas

“The doctor must have put my pacemaker in wrong. Every time my husband kisses me, the garage door goes up.” – Minnie Pearl

Your garage door can make or break your home’s curb appeal. If you are ready to change the look of your home, then consider upgrading your home with a new garage door. Instead of choosing a basic metal door with no design, consider something unique. Choose a color other than the standard or add glass panels. Your garage door should complement the colors and architectural design of your home. 

These garage door ideas will help you do more with your garage door.

1. Barn

Barn style doors add a country aesthetic to your garage. They harken back to the days of carriage houses. You could keep it traditional with a wood garage door or use metal doors that are styled to look like carriage garage doors.

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You can make your garage door look like barn doors with the right hardware. Add a pair of handles at the center of the door and large hinges on the outside of the door. If your door is wood, you can add X-shaped cross beams on the left and right sides to help define the two doors.

2. Brown

Choosing a sectional garage door in a brown door will look good with a house that already has earthy tones on the exterior. Then your overhead door will match the rest of the home by complementing the colors that are already present.

Add a custom look to your home by choosing a shade that compliments the colors already present. This could be a soft tan color or one that looks more like rust. Hold the paint chips up to the natural stone on the exterior of your home and see how it changes its look. Choosing the right color will bring out its beauty, while the wrong color can actually dull the look of the stone.

3. Contemporary

If your home has a modern design, then you need a contemporary door to match. The majority of fiberglass garage doors tend to look generic and the same. You can give yours a modern feel with frosted glass panels. These windows are typically located at the top of the door. This adds decor without sacrificing security.

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If you want an ultra-modern look, consider replacing your current door with an all-glass garage door. It should be frosted glass to prevent anyone from being able to see into your garage through the glass door. Consider one with multiple panes and a solid frame. The smaller glass panels will be easier to maintain.

4. Dark

A dark garage door is a beautiful contrast to a light-colored house. The contrast between light and dark creates visual interest and increases the design aspect of your home’s exterior. While you could paint your garage door the ultimate dark color, black, this will be hard to maintain. Choose a dark color that will also last for your garage door design.

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Black or very dark gray garage doors tend to be used most often on modern homes. However, black carriage-style doors can give your home an interesting design. If you aren’t ready to commit to black or gray, consider other dark colors, such as navy, dark green, or maroon.

5. Gray

Gray is everywhere in modern design, so it’s no surprise you will easily find grey garage doors. Some garage door manufacturers have several shades of grey to choose from. The shade you choose will influence your garage door style.

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You can buy a basic panel garage door that will appeal to the majority of future homeowners. However, if you want to have a more energy-efficient door, consider an insulated garage door. The front will look like every other raised panel door, but the back will have a thick insulation layer.

6. Metal

A metal garage door is durable and strong, making it a smart choice for your garage. You have the option of choosing from a steel garage door or aluminum garage doors. Steel doors are heavier and more durable. Aluminum doors are more affordable and lightweight.

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The garage door material you choose will depend on your budget and how much wear and tear you expect your garage door to see. In addition to the door, you will likely have an aluminum frame around the opening. This cladding finishes the look of your garage door and helps your doorframe to last longer.

7. Painted

Most garage doors are a standard color of white, tan, or grey. This makes the most sense for most attached garages because the neutral color gives you the more freedom when choosing the color of your home. They also help your home retain broad curb appeal.

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However, they aren’t your only option. You can paint your garage door a custom color. When choosing your garage door color, think about the impact that color will make on your home. The garage door takes up a lot of visual space, and the wrong color can be overwhelming. If you want to create a unique design, you could choose two or three colors. Then use one for the main areas and another accent color for the recessed panels.

8. Rustic

If you love the farmhouse and rustic look, you can add a wood door to your garage. However, a wooden garage door is expensive and heavy. A better option is to create a custom garage door by using faux wood. This lets you have the look of a carriage-style door without the weight or expense.

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If you aren’t ready to replace your garage door, consider painting your current one. Start with brown paint in the shade close to the type of wood you want to emulate. This could be a dark chocolate brown or something lighter and closer to a camel color. Then use one to three brown shades in the same family, but each darker or lighter than your first shade. Use these to create the wood grain and texture.

9. White

White doors are crisp and clean looking, helping to brighten up the look of your entire home. In addition, this helps to improve your home’s curb appeal. You could choose the color white for any type of door, from fiberglass to wood carriage doors. They could even be on your detached garage.

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You can easily do a garage door makeover by painting your current garage door white. Start by using fine-grit sandpaper to rough up the surface of the door. This will help the paint to stick better. Then use durable outdoor paint to apply a thin layer of paint to the door. It’s better to do several thin coats than one thick coat. This will help prevent it from easily scraping off.