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31 Canopy Bed Ideas for a Dreamy Bedroom

31 Canopy Bed Ideas for a Dreamy Bedroom

“Stars shine in the canopy of eternity.”  –  Joshua L. Liebman

Canopy beds are no longer reserved for royalty. In fact, the modern canopy bed is surprisingly affordable and easy to DIY with your existing bed frame. But is it worth your time to switch to a canopy bed?

Canopy fans agree: nothing is more magical than sleeping under a lush umbrella of stars, trees, or fabric. Canopy bed curtains provide a sense of coziness not attainable in another type of bed.

Still undecided? Take a few minutes to scroll through our gallery of trendy canopy bed ideas. You’ll undoubtedly find plenty of ways to transform your ordinary bedroom into a dreamy canopy-draped haven.

1. Bohemian

Bohemian décor is delightfully whimsical, with colors and textiles borrowed from locations around the world.

From soft, sheer fabric panels to bright batik saris, any kind of canopy goes in a bohemian bedroom.

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Because boho design is so eclectic, don’t feel obligated to cover your canopy bed frame in fabric. For an open, airy feeling, string fairy lights across the top of the frame and add rows of colorful pom poms.

Fabric banners also provide that boho vibe without completely covering the bed in a fabric drape. Hang small metal lanterns on each bedpost and insert a battery-powered tea light inside them.

2. DIY

DIY canopy bed options range from the simple to the complex. You can easily create a beautiful bed canopy by attaching sheer curtain panels to an oversized embroidery hoop hung from the ceiling.

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Watch this video to learn how to make a simple DIY bed canopy from a curtain rod and fabric panel:

If that is too delicate for your master bedroom style, make a chic canopy bed by hanging cross beams from the ceiling and draping them with a more opaque fabric. You can use wood beams, bamboo, or even PVC pipe suspended by a ceiling hook on each end.


3. Drapes

The type of fabric you use determines whether you have a rustic or elegant canopy bed. Solid cotton fabric is great for casual coastal or farmhouse décor, while sheer fabric panel options tend to be more elegant.

A black canopy bed, with black metal and black fabric is one bed design that sets a dramatic mood.

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Heavy drapes are great in cold climates, as they add warmth to the bedroom. However, heavy fabric canopies may feel stifling in a small bedroom.

If you want a canopy that you can pull closed at night, attach the material to the canopy bed frame with sliding hooks or rings that will glide easily.


4. Farmhouse

Farmhouse style might seem too simple to include a room with a canopy bed. However, metal or wood canopy beds actually work well with farmhouse bedroom design.

Dark wood or metal four-poster frames can be draped with string lights, fabric, or left bare for an impressive farmhouse bed room.

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An outdoor canopy bed is also a great addition to a farmhouse deck, garden, or outdoor room. It provides a unique place to relax outside under the canopy’s shade.


5. Frame

Canopy bed frames come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you need a new bed frame for a kid’s room or your master bedroom, you can find a canopy option to fit the space. Antique canopy beds are great if your home is decorated in traditional style.

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If you have tall ceilings, look for taller frames that will fill more of the room’s vertical space.

If you have standard ceilings in your room, make sure the assembled canopy bed will clear the ceiling and any ceiling-mounted lights or fans.

A wall-mounted crown canopy may be a better choice than a four-poster bed frame in a home with lower ceilings.


6. Metal

Canopy bed frames made from metal pipes look amazing in bohemian or rustic décor. They are also a great choice for spouses or partners who are reluctant to have a canopy bed, as they can be left naked and still look amazing.

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A simple metal black canopy bed is the ultimate in flexibility as its modern lines are gender-neutral. These “grown up” canopy beds are ideal for the primary or master bedroom as they blend with virtually any existing bedroom décor.


7. Modern

Because of modern décor’s emphasis on clean lines and angles, an unadorned four poster canopy bed can be a great addition to a modern bedroom. Its lines draw immediate attention to the room’s focal point—the bed—and clearly define the sleeping area.

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Like an open cube, a modern canopy bed forms a frame that stands on its own as a design element. Choose brushed brass, matte black gunmetal, or a shiny chrome finish. Gold or rose gold canopy bed frames add a more feminine touch to a modern bedroom.


8. Rustic

A canopy bed doesn’t have to project a feminine aesthetic. It’s possible to create a strong rustic or industrial vibe by choosing a canopy bed that has a solid, heavy construction. Leave it bare to fully capture the edginess of rustic style.

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It’s easier to DIY a rustic canopy bed frame than one that is more refined. Simply build it from logs or exposed wood beams and leave the wood unstained for a truly rustic vibe.

This style is perfect for a rustic cabin or coastal retreat, while a metal canopy frame will fit perfectly into an industrial loft.


9. Tufted

A tufted, upholstered canopy bed combines the elegance of an upholstered headboard with a canopy frame. These beds are open and airy on top but include a tufted headboard.

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The headboard may be covered in leather, velvet, or burlap, depending on the bed’s overall style. Choose a tufted canopy bed frame if you want the look of a canopy bed without giving up the comfort of having a plush headboard to rest against.


10. Twin

If your little girl has been asking for a canopy bed, it’s easy to transform a simple twin bed into a dreamy canopy. Simply purchase an oversized embroidery hoop and hang yards of tulle from the frame.

Suspend it over the bed with ribbon and add a monogram initial or wreath to secure the material to the wall above the headboard.

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Don’t be afraid to add canopies when you have two twin beds in one bedroom. A girl’s bedroom is enhanced with the softness dual canopies add to the room. Even if your child’s bedroom isn’t overly feminine, canopy bed frames open a whole new element of bed design.


11. Wood

Wood is perhaps the most common and most versatile material for canopy bed frames.

You can find a wooden canopy bed to fit any room and any decorating style. Wood is also the easiest to work with if you plan to DIY your canopy bed.

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Rough, exposed wooden beams fit perfectly into masculine, rustic décor, while a painted or stained four poster bed merges well with traditional décor. Another benefit of wood furniture is that it’s easily painted if you change your design style later on.