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46 Blue Bathroom Ideas

46 Blue Bathroom Ideas

Paint your bathroom blue, and you will have an effortlessly elegant bathroom that you can decorate in any manner you see fit. From prim and elegant to relaxed coastal, blue can adapt to any bathroom design style that appeals to you.

There are plenty of decorating ideas to help you envision a blue that appeals to you and works in the space. From a soft pastel to a deep navy, there’s a blue that’s perfect for your bathroom. Get inspired by these blue bathroom ideas and turn your bathroom into a space worthy of design magazines and social media.

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1. Accent Wall

If you aren’t ready to commit to turning your entire master bathroom blue, you can work with just one of your bathroom walls. Choose a blue shade that you like to be your paint color. Then paint your chosen wall. You could paint the entire wall or get creative with your interior design.

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Paint stripes, abstract shapes, or use a stencil to create a repeating design. If paint isn’t appealing, you can use blue wallpaper instead. Choose a design that complements your interior design style and put it on a wall that won’t experience high moisture levels. Preferably far from the shower area.

2. Bathroom Fittings

Once you’ve chosen your ideal shade of blue, it’s time to choose your bathroom accessory elements, such as hardware. You can change the look and feel of your bathroom with the metal you choose. Your home decor can dictate the metal you choose, or you can be innovative and choose what you like.

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Warm metals like gold, brass, rose gold, and oiled bronze will bring a sense of warmth to your bathroom. While cool metal like nickel, stainless steel, and silver will bring coldness to your bathroom. There is also the option of black, but it doesn’t always look right. Look at design ideas similar to your end goal to determine if black hardware is right for your bathroom.

3. Coastal

A classic blue color is perfect for creating a coastal theme in your bathroom. Pair it with a crisp, bright white for a clean design. Don’t be afraid to go bold with your design. You don’t have to limit the blue to the walls or tile. You could have a navy blue bathroom vanity with bright brass hardware.

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Check out blue bathroom ideas to discover your options. Instead of painting the walls, you could paint the ceiling blue. Or keep the upper half of the room light and bright and use a darker shade of blue on the bottom half of the walls or as floor tile.

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4. Contemporary

Bright blue tiles, a blue vanity, or a blue patterned shower curtain can give your bathroom a contemporary feel. The blue accents will balance out the neutrals that are prevalent in contemporary design.

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 If you’re doing a bathroom remodel, you could replace your old tile with blue wall tile. Choose a tile that isn’t too light of a shade. Deeper and more vibrant shades look more contemporary. The tile should also be a shape other than traditional. Modern tiles are geometric, long skinny rectangles, or even fish scales.

5. Dark

Dark blue bathrooms look elephant and sophisticated. Choose a deep and vibrant shade, such as navy. Pair it with lighter shades, such as white, light grey, or even teal. Accent the bathroom with gold for a luxurious look.

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Jewel tones can look beautiful with darker shades of blue. They brighten up the shade while complementing the blue. Be sure to add light accents to keep the bathroom from becoming too dark and moody. Reflective surfaces are also good for brightening up the bathroom.

6. Light

A soft pale blue can help a bathroom that lacks natural light to feel bigger and brighter. Be careful when choosing your light shade, though. You don’t want it to look too juvenile. To prevent this, choose a vanity style that looks more mature and elegant hardware.

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Be careful when using a light blue tile in your bathroom. The wrong shade and shape and your bathroom will look outdated from the 70s. Unless, of course, this is the vintage look you’re going for.

7. Luxury

Creating a luxury bathroom isn’t about the color you choose. Instead, focus on the materials and upgrades you can add to your bathroom. Turn it into an experience. Choose a blue marble tile or another less common stone for the vanity top. Or you could have a white countertop and use the blue stone for the vanity wall or in the shower.

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Add accent lighting throughout the bathroom, such as along the ceiling, under the vanity cabinet, or in the shower. Replace the basic builder-grade elements with custom designs. Add a one-of-a-kind tub, customer plumbing hardware, and statement light fixtures.

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8. Modern

Blue can be a good accent color for your modern bathroom. Creating a modern design is about more than color, though. Choose a blue hexagon tile or another geometric shape. An interlocking tile is also a good option for creating a modern design. If you’re adventurous, choose a textured or 3D tile.

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Pair your blue tile with sleek materials and designs. Stick with long straight lines and sharp 90-degree corners. Look at modern bathroom ideas to get inspired on what bathroom decor you should add. With modern design, keep the decor to a minimum, so the pieces you do add should be meaningful.

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9. Nautical

Create a nautical look in your bathroom with deep blue cabinets. Nautical and coastal are not the same. Coastal can have a more tropical or southern feel. It often includes beaches and everything that goes along with living on the coast. Nautical is more northeastern and boating-inspired.

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Accent the blue with bright red and yellow, like the kind you see on nautical flags. For the metal elements, stick with polished brass. Add teak elements to bring warmth into the bathroom and channel the wood elements you see on sailboats and yachts.

10. Powder Room

Because powder rooms tend to be smaller, you can choose a bolder tile design. Perhaps you create a custom design out of mosaic tile. Or you can skip the tile completely and use a hardwood laminate floor.

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Since there’s no tub or shower, the water splashing on the floor should be minimal. For the walls, you could add a bold patterned wallpaper where the primary color is blue. If you’re afraid of the wallpaper becoming overwhelming, add paneling to the bottom half of the walls.

11. Small

The color blue looks beautiful in a tiny bathroom. When paired with white and light gray, you have a color scheme that turns your small bathroom into a comfortable room to be in. You may not be able to have a double sink in your small bathroom.

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If this is the case, open up the space by installing a pedestal sink. This will help the bathroom to feel more open. A bright white one will contrast nicely against a dark blue wall.

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12. Tiles

There are countless options when it comes to choosing a blue tile. Start with the size and shape of the tile you want to use. You need to scale the size of the tile to the size of the bathroom. Too small, and it will look too busy. Too large, and it will overwhelm the room.

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You should also choose two different sizes for the floor and walls. This helps to visually break up the space. Next, you need to choose a color. A natural stone will have more variation and depth. A plain color will have a neutral effect. Don’t forget to choose a complementary grout color.

13. Vintage

Paint a vintage dresser dark blue and place it in a bathroom with white subway tile. Accent the bathroom with gold or black fixtures and hardware. Choose designs that have an ornate Victorian feel.

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You can create an art deco design by adding gold metal accenting with a geometric design. This accenting would be a perfect vanity wall design or decorative shower door. If you prefer a more recent vintage design, a pale blue tile can give you a 70s vibe if you prefer a more recent vintage design.

14. Wall

Making the walls in your bathroom blue is an easy way to change the color scheme in your bathroom. Try using different shades of blue to create depth and dimension in your bathroom. Darker shades should cause further away areas to sink back, while lighter blue shades should bring closer objects forward.

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The overall effect is a room that looks and feels bigger. Blue painted walls can look a bit plain, though. Try bringing movement and life to your bathroom by choosing a blue patterned wallpaper. Choose a design or pattern that complements your chosen design for the room.